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Newborn / Infant Circumcision – Plasti-Bell™ Technique


Practised for Centuries!

In 2012, after a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence, the American Academy of Pediatrics found the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks.

Although there are many medical advantages to circumcising a newborn boy, it is not required to do so and is left to the discretion of the parents.

Current techniques have evolved and are considered very safe. The Plasti-Bell™
Technique can be safely performed up to approximately four months of age.

The technique I have been using exclusively since 1999 involves true local anesthesia to freeze the penis. Many babies have in fact not moved, cried, and have even slept throughout the procedure.
As well, there is a sterile, disposable device used which both protects the tip of the penis from being damaged (which can occur with other techniques) and also prevents bleeding after the procedure.

David Eiley MD, FRCSC

Toddler/Child Circumcision

Boys are born with a covering over the head of the penis (glans), which is called the prepuce, or foreskin. Circumcisions can be performed on toddlers and children of any age, however the technique may vary according to the child’s age and size. Please discuss this with your urologist.

David Eiley MD, FRCSC

Adolescent / Adult Circumcisions

Adult circumcision is most often performed for true medical necessity, at least in Western societies. Although reported complications are few, they can be significant, and hence expertise is necessary. Unlike newborns, the adult will have already maximized his penile growth after puberty. Thus, it becomes more important to assure that adequate shaft skin is protected when doing a circumcision. There are many variations of available techniques and, hence, most urologists and surgeons will incorporate their own preferences when performing circumcisions on adults.

David Eiley MD, FRCSC

We specialize in Circumcision

Better results with fewer possible complications when done by a single high volume surgeon in a high volume centre.

Originally marketed in 1955, the Plasti-Bell™ is a disposable plastic bell-shaped object with a groove close to its edge. The bell is inserted into the preputial cavity (over the glans and under the foreskin) and a tight string is tied around the foreskin. Blood flow to the prepuce (Foreskin) tip is thereby restricted and the foreskin beyond the string falls off, providing a circumcision with no open wound to become irritated or infected.

The Procedure


Because no stitches are used with a Plasti-Bell™ there is no need for dressings, antibiotics. Post procedural instructions are simple and easy to follow for parent and child alike.

After the Procedure

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